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Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation Brazilian Butt Lift

Our video discusses the best candidates for Brazilian Butt lift also known as fat transfer to the buttocks. The video will also provide an overview of what to expect relative to your body type.

Buttock Augmentation

The patient below underwent contouring of the waist via liposuction with fat transfer to the buttock (over 800 cc total!). The after photo demonstrates complete fat uptake after one year. In this patient we were able to add projection to the buttocks as well as "roundness" to the overall shape of the hips.

Butt Job

Each of the after images below represent complete uptake of fat transfer for buttock augmentation at least 6 months after their procedure.

Bazilian Butt lift

Buttock augmentation with your own fat is yet another approach to add fullness, projection and shape to the under projected or flat buttock area. Also known as the Brazilian butt lift, this procedure involves a selective "gentle" liposuction technique, harvesting fat from those areas around the buttocks that tend to hide a more desirable shape and then transferring the fat into the proper areas of the buttocks in multiple layers. Harvesting the excess fat from the sides, above, below, and around the buttocks first enhances the curves and projection prior to the micro fat transfer and makes for an even more shapely derriere. Liposculpture and fat harvesting for buttock augmentation can use excess fat from numerous other areas including the abdomen, back, hips, waist, thighs, knees, and arms as needed. Many women find an imbalance between the size of their breasts in front and an under projected or flat buttocks in back. The Brazilian butt lift can fill up deflated tushes or simply enlarge the buttocks for those who desire. Fat augmentation of the buttocks has become the preferred choice for gluteal enhancement due to a lower complication rate and much easier recovery. Using your own body fat is very appealing as there is no implant, no chance of rejection, and no chance of capsular contracture, and no chance of "slipping" or shifting out of proper position.

Long Term Results

This patient underwent contouring of the waist via liposuction with fat transfer to the buttock (over 800 cc total!) The after photo demonstrates complete fat uptake after one year. In this patient we were able to add projection to the buttocks as well as "roundness" to the overall shape of the hips.

Butt Lift and Body Contour

Butt Lift

Fat transfer with Contour of the waist

Another Long term follow-up that demonstrates excellent fat take,contour of the waist and increased projection over the hips and buttock.This patient is approximately 5'8'' and 175 pounds .In general, taller patients will require a larger amount of available fat for transfer. Fat Transfer to Butt

Another Benefit of Fat Tranfer!

Because we harvest the abdominal fat, we are able to simultaneously contour the waistline.

Fat Transfer

Featured Cases

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FAQ - Buttock Augmentation

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift, or Brazilian Buttock Lift, is a cosmetic surgery that can improve a shapeless or drooping butt and allow a quick return to normal activities. Using liposuction, excess fat in the hips, abdomen, and/or thighs is removed and used to add curvature to flat buttocks and reshape them. This buttlift can also create additional projection of the buttocks, if you wish. The procedure provides you with a backside that appears uplifted and looks more natural and attractive than the results achieved with buttock implants.

Who is a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

This procedure is an ideal option for anyone looking to raise or improve the contours of their rump. People who desire to supercharge their self-confidence and feel attractive, regardless of the clothes they are wearing (or if they are wearing none at all), can enjoy the benefits that a Brazilian Butt Lift offers.

Women considering a butt lift should have realistic expectations about the outcomes, as they should with any surgical procedure, and they should enjoy good health overall and have a healthy, comfortable weight. Patients who are at or near their ideal weight will achieve the best outcomes, and following their body contouring surgery, they will have an easier time keeping their weight steady.

What if I don't have enough body fat?

A Brazilian Butt Lift may not be a good choice for individuals who are very small in stature or those who are very slender and have little overall body fat; however, the cosmetic surgeon is often able to locate a sufficient amount of fat during the consultation to allow the butt lift to be performed successfully. If you are severely under your ideal weight, you are unlikely to be a candidate for this surgery.

How is the fat injected into the buttocks?

First, fat is liposuctioned from the preselected areas around the buttocks, such as the lower back—directly above the butt—the stomach, and the thighs. Just doing this makes the buttocks look more contoured and makes your lower body more attractive.

The fat collected from these donor sites is carefully processed and purified. The surgeon evaluates the fat and selects only the best fat cells to be reinjected into the buttocks, using special instruments called cannulas. In most cases, the surgeon will perform liposuction on at least two donor areas of your body to ensure that enough high-quality fat cells are collected. The surgeon places small injections of fat into various areas of the buttocks, and at different depths, to ensure you achieve the highest permanent absorption rate possible. For most patients, a Brazilian Butt Lift requires hundreds of microinjections, and using proper methods for injecting the fat is essential to achieving a balanced, natural, smooth appearance of the buttocks.

How much does a Brazilian Lift cost?

The amount of work and liposculpting required to achieve your desired outcome determines the cost of a Brazillian Lift. There are various payment plans available to accommodate a range of budgets. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

What are the risks involved with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Every surgery has risks and it is important to discuss these risks with your surgeon before you schedule any procedure. Certain aspects of your health and lifestyle may put you at greater or lesser risk while having a Brazilian Butt Lift. One of the best ways to minimize the risks is by choosing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to perform your surgery. All the surgeons at Sunset Cosmetic Surgery are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

What is the difference between a Brazilian Buttock Lift and butt implants?

Butt implants are silicone devices that are surgically placed into the buttocks to achieve the patient's desired shape, while a buttock lift uses injections of the patient's own body fat to achieve their desired shape. It is much easier to achieve a more natural look and feel using the natural fat than it is using the artificial implants. Also, by using the patient's own fat cells to enhance their buttocks, a Brazillian Buttock Lift may also have a decreased likelihood of infection and allow the patient a shorter, quicker recovery.

How long does it take to recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The recovery time for a Brazilian Butt Lift varies from patient to patient, but it is not uncommon for patients whose jobs are not highly active to return to work within seven days. Within three to four weeks, many patients resume moderate to full activity levels, though the recovery time may be longer for certain patients.

What is the recovery like after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Butt lift surgery is performed at an accredited outpatient surgery center, and following your procedure, the experienced and compassionate surgical staff will care for you during your initial recovery. Once Brazilian Butt Lift patients go home and continue their recovery, many find they are able to resume most, if not all, of their regular activities within three to four weeks.

Swelling and bruising will diminish in the weeks following the surgery, and some butt lift patients need to wear a compression garment beneath their regular clothes for a brief length of time during their recovery. Your surgeon may instruct you to be mindful of how you are sitting in the weeks after your butt augmentation procedure; however, each patient's guidelines are different, and your personalized post-operative instructions will be reviewed with you during your pre-op visits.

Patients who are from outside the Los Angeles area must plan to stay close by for at least seven to ten days following their surgery.

How long do the buttocks injections last?

The results of your injections should be long-lasting if the fat is obtained, prepared, and placed properly, and you should not need to have any fine-tuning or additional fat injections. The surgeon's experience has a great deal to do with the results you achieve from a Brazilian Butt Lift. Surgeons who fail to use proper methods of fat purification or injection cannot deliver long-lasting results. You can be assured that the surgeons at Sunset Cosmetic Surgery are highly skilled and experienced in this procedure.

The majority of Brazillian Buttlift patients enjoy the results of their surgery for as many as 20 years afterward. While it is natural for some of the injected fat to be reabsorbed, the rest of it remains in the buttocks, preserving the aesthetic enhancement. Anyone's body will change shape as the years pass, as a natural part of the aging process. Brazilian Butt Lift patients can help prolong the results of their procedures by sustaining a body weight that is healthy because, over the years, sharp increases or decreases in weight can change the contours and smoothness of the backside. Butt lift patients who do not smoke usually reabsorb less of the fat injected during fat grafting than do butt lift patients who use tobacco.

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift just about getting a big butt?

Not at all. The goal of this procedure is to provide patients of all ages with a youthful, pronounced, sprightly backside and a more arousing physique. Placing injections of your own fat into the upper quarter of your buttocks gives them a look of elevation and firmness, which enhances your allure and voluptuousness.

If I am more concerned with increasing the size of my buttocks, can I have butt implants instead?

You can enlarge your buttocks with either butt implants or a Brazilian Butt Lift; however, the butt lift has two major advantages over the implants. First, it uses liposuction to collect fat from other parts of your body, and that step alone helps to give you a slimmer, more defined look. Second, it uses fat injections, or fat transfer, to augment and reshape your buttocks, eliminating some of the complications that can occur with the placement of artificial implants. By using both liposuction and fat injections, the Brazilian Butt Lift delivers the most natural and appealing body shape.